20 Questions (no this is not a game)

by emma gossett

Hey my lovely Babes and handsome Guys!

What’s everybody up to?  Leave me a comment below this post and let me know how you’re doing!  So this week I’ve been doing a 7 day manifesting challenge by my best friend and mentor Sandra. And it has been awesome! To say the least! (Message me here if you’re want to do this and I’ll get you in touch with her.  She is starting another one in a few days.) On day 4 she had us do this really cool activity. I wanted to share my part of this exercise with you because it carries answers to a lot of our daily issues.

In this exercise we were given 20 questions about life’s biggest issues and we had to answer them as if we were answering them to a child or teen. Someone we deeply cared about and wanted to feel happy and safe. Parents may understand this a little better.  Now these are my answers.

It would also be an excellent idea for you to copy these questions yourself and write your own answers . As a parent to a child what would you say?  Now see the universe as your loving parent and you as the small child, and remember these answers when these questions come up in your life. This is the universe talking to you. Simple and loving, understood by even the smallest ears, reassuring and comforting them.

While I have written as if I was truly in conversation with a child or young person, do not underestimate the simplicity. Many times the problems in life can be solved with very simple answers. And while you may have said the exact same thing, (“I thought so too!”) that’s a great sign. Because despite the ever increasing abundance of people trying to help people, me for example, we all know the answers to life’s issues. They are all right there in our hearts and if we ask and listen we will hear them. Your heart is in direct connection and communication with the universe and all it holds.


Questions and Answers

1. That someone a school had made fun of them?
It does not meed to matter what anyone thinks or says to you, you are perfect. When someone makes you feel a negative way especially about yourself that is them trying to get rid of the bad feeling inside of them by putting on someone else. They need you to feel bad too because then they feed off of your negative energy making a circle that goes around and around! No one can tell you anything that will hurt you when you remember this. Here’s a little secret: if you give them good vibes back, they will not like it and want to stay away from you. Good vibes make them feel icky.

2. That the popular kids ignored them?

In my humble opinion, another child who has become popular feels the need to be popular because they are empty inside and they need approval and attention from other children to fill them up. You’ll also notice that those kids don’t get the attention and love they need to learn to love themselves from their parents, and that’s why they feel empty. Inside of envied them, show them kindness when you can. and remember when you have light shining inside of you you attract people to naturally, in fact the may not be able to stay away from you. You need to love yourself and see your worth first, then others will see it too.

3. That their boyfriend/girlfriend had broken up with them?
The universe allowed this to happen to you because it has something much better to give you. That person was not going to help you and love you properly and make you a better person if you stayed with them. you are totally complete all by yourself and when you love yourself and appreciate you, you will bring the perfect person to you and then you will be so grateful for this hard time.

4. That they failed a test that they had studies hard for?
It is ok, it does not mean that you have failed whatsoever. It only means that they have tried to evaluate you by a standard that is not yours. If we took a monkey, a fish, an elephant and a snake and we gave them a test on how well they could climb trees, what do you think would happen? exactly! It wouldn’t matter how much they studied. Some would win and some would not. Don’t let it determine your worth and make you unhappy!

5. They failed a test they did not study for?
Well I say maybe you should study so you at least have a chance! But really though, whether you’re good at what you’re studying or not you must study for your tests. You must familiarize yourself with what will be asked of you.

6. They didn’t win a game that meant a lot to them?
It was just a game. There will be many more for you to win. Next before you go into a game, picture yourself winning, feel it and know it. Then as you play have fun and do not worry yourself over winning. Win in your heart first and then you will win in reality. You are still wonderful no matter what happens!

7. They didn’t get a job they really wanted?
It is ok! I know disappointment is a ugly thing. There will be many more jobs and there is one out there right now that you will love even waiting for you. The universe knows exactly what you need and want. And it is doing everything it can to make it happen for you. Let it go and move on to the next opportunity. It is done and you must not waste time sad over something that wasn’t right for you.

8. The person they are dating isn’t treating them well?
I think it’s time to take a really deep look at why you are with this person. think back to why you got with them in the first place. This could be a high sign for you to move on. You should never waste your precious love and energy on someone who is not treating you as they should be. When the universe appears to be taking someone or something from us, it is because it is trying give us something better. Don’t be afraid or discouraged. Let it go and be ready to accept the new and wonderful! Now in the case that your bf or gf is treating you this way temporarily because of something difficult going on in their life, this is the time for you to show unconditional love and support. Hang int here with them and have patience. Do remember though, that no person is worth the cost of your happiness. If you can’t be happy how will you allow others to be happy? Be willing to say no for you. And always trust that there is everything you’re looking for coming to you!

9. They had a friend that gave them nothing but trouble?
This is going to be much along the same lines as the above answer. No person is worth the cost of your happiness. And this is a definite sign in my opinion that you need to move on. It’s called up-leveling. We are each on a journey and  many of us sense our calling and are moving upwards towards it. There WILL BE people in our lives that won’t be continuing that journey with us. Be bold, be brave and let them go. That person must work out their difficulties on their own. If you want to go where the universe is taking you, be willing to say no to what weighs you down and holds you back. Not all will understand this and that’s ok. You are not responsible for their life or their happiness, not even what they think of you, that’s for them to deal with.

10. Someone had said something that really hurt their feelings?
Well it is too bad that someone has hurt your feelings. But you must not let this get you down. As said above you are not responsible for what people think of you! And do you know why? because what they think of you is actually what they think of themselves. This also goes for you tough. It is very easy to misunderstand what someone says to us or about us. People are selfish and usually have their own interests in mind and that means that they will say things that hurt you, whether it is meant to or not. It IS your responsibility to forgive, forget and move on. Believe me I know this is easier said than done! I know from experience. And I can also tell you how wonderful it is to live without worrying or even caring what others think of you.

Remember though that maybe what was said was true and not delivered in the best way. You may choose to take it with a grain of salt as they say so that it can better yourself. I choose to learn from anyone, whether they have may interests in mind or not. Sometimes we have to swallow our own ego and listen because what is being said is true.

11. They thought they were overweight?
People including yourself can only make you feel bad about your body if you let them or agree with them. No one can make that decision for you. You are perfect just the way you are. and if you want to be something different then what you are say for health reasons then you can be! You must love every part to you before you can change any certain part. And when you love yourself you will be surprised at how fast that weight can fall away. Weight is usually bad feelings building up and up like a garbage can. So replace those bad feelings and take out the trash!  Extra weight on the body is often caused by wrong eating habits. Many try to lose weight by changing those ‘bad’ eating habits. Then it doesn’t seem to work because they don’t know why they had those eating habits in the first place. Food is a source of comfort or escape from problems and people. When you feel bad you will want to eat bad because you think that badness is all you deserve. But when you see yourself as perfect and wonderful, then you won’t even want to eat that way again.

12. They were tired all the time?
First, drink some water and sniff some essential oils. Then you need to turn on some dance music, stretch out and start moving. This is the simple remedy. You will be feeling energized in no time! When our body does not move much like watching a lot of TV or playing video games, our heart beat slows which mean blood flows slower which means our cells and organs especially the brain doesn’t get as much oxygen which makes us tired. When you yawn it doesn’t actually mean you’e tired, it means that your brain isn’t getting as enough oxygen to stay awake and wants you to then go to sleep. So if we get moving a little, everything works better. Now sometimes we’re tired because we are doing to much and not resting enough. That’s an easy fix! Time to take a nap…zzzzzzzzzzz.

13. They had no interest in anything?
I understand how that feels. Sounds like we need to light your spark again! Life is really wonderful and there’s no good reason to let it pass us by. Maybe you are a little tired of everyhting that has been going on and you need to rest a while. If this has been happening a lot then it would be a good time to look at life and figure what how you want it to change so you can be excited about it. First thing to do is be thankful! As they say if we all pinned our troubles on a clothesline then we would still pick our own. try writing down a list of things you are gratefl for. be very specific. Look for things that may be hidden. Think about it and know that you are special, you are alive and that means there is still something for you to do!

14. They were bored?
Bored huh? I guess we need to find something for you to do. I bet you that there is something you can do right now and your ‘boredness’ is because you don’t want to do it so what you really mean is there’s nothing to keep you entertained. Our brains are funny things. Our built-in survival instincts are so strong that your brain will actually keep you from doing the things you don’t like or don’t what you to do. And it works a lot! That’s why the country is full of people sitting on their butts watching TV. Their brain is working hard to keep them feeling good and satisfied. Our brain is temporary, our impact is forever, don’t forget that. The brain only is here for your physical body, while your soul lasts forever and is perfect. So these two have very different goals to accomplish which means there will be a fight over which one wins. . Your brain simply to keep you alive and satisfy bodily needs, but your soul has a mission one that is divinely inspired and it wants to do it too. Naturally it is easier to let your brain win cause it makes you feel good right away. But you won’t ever feel deep and lasting happiness, fulfillment and love. And you won’t reach your purpose either which will be the best thing that you have ever felt. So it’s up to you to decide, which one wins this little argument?

15. They hated their job?
Then get a different one. Life is what you make it. And if nobody is making you be at a certain job. You can do whatever you want. Especially right now, the opportunity for abundance is bigger than it ever has been. Everywhere you can look there is opportunity. And remember to look for exciting or unusual things, they can really spice things up! Now if that is entirely impossible, it’s time to start really looking at why you hate your job. You can love and enjoy whatever you choose you. You are what life is you make it or break it, nothing and no one else. A little trick is to show appreciation to your fellow man at work, whoever they may be, but particularly the ones you don’t like. It will raise your energy right away and make the workplace a thousand times more enjoyable. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed, positive to negative and negative to positive. Whether it is one or the other is up to you.

16. They never have enough money?
As weird as this sounds, this is the easy one. While piles of money won’t rain from the sky, or maybe they will, you can turn things around quite quickly if you do some simple things. Now remember what I’m about to tell you. Where there is abundance, abundance goes; and where there is lack, lack goes. What this means is that that you believe, feel, and think that there is abundance and wealth then there will be much abundance, and where there is lack then there will be much lack. What you are think and feel is what eventually happens outside of you. Money is just another kind of energy and it is always flowing. Start with gratitude. Gratitude always increases what you already have. Do not think about how it will happen when it may come. Speak what you want and know that it already is there inside of you. Then it can come out.

17. They were totally stressed out?
Why? You must always ask the question why. It is a very powerful question and it will help you discover yourself. You must also ask the question before you get the answer. Stress means your brain is too full, there is too much stuff in it that it cannot figure out. Start emptying your brain by writing all your problems down on paper. All the worries and fears and problems. Then you need to fill it back up with sweet things, pretty things, happy things, like your heart deal with these problems. Whether you realize it or not, your heart is always talking to the universe and figuring your life out, and that includes your hopes and dreams and your problems and worries. Let it do that while you think about things that make you feel good. Before you know it the answer will pop into your head and voila, it is solved without you having to feel bad. You will notice that when you focus and think about good stuff, the problems will be solved much faster than if you spend your time worrying about them.

18. They felt depressed?
What’s making you feel depressed? What happens right before you get depressed? Once we find the problem then we can fix it. Let’s first find something to be grateful for, happy about. Smell some pretty fragrance, listen to music, look at pictures of beautiful places, or think about the last time something made you really, really happy. Imagine you are there again, let it fill you, the smells, the sounds, the feels, the laughs, the temperature. Stay there for awhile. Then you can think more clearly about why you are depressed and what we can do to get rid of it.

19. They felt overwhelmed?
Stop. Take a big breath. Take another one and a few more. Hear your heart tell you that everything will be ok. Don’t let even one tiny doubt come in. Imagine it going exactly perfectly. Everything time you know that things will be ok they will be, probably better than you even thought of. Remember a time when there was a big trouble and you were really afraid. Then remember how it happened just fine. Now sometimes when something is happening it doesn’t go well. There is a reason that it goes badly. Because the universe wants you to learn something or experience something. Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable things happening. One day you will be able to look back and see how they were perfectly perfect and they had to happen so that something better could come along.

20. They constantly felt afraid about what was going on in the world?
Do you know that the universe loves you so much and does not want you to be afraid, neither do I? It can see everything that is happening everywhere, even in the future! It knows and feels the pain of it all too. But it also let’s people choose what they want and some choose bad things. Trust that everything WILL turn out very good. Let it encourage you to make choices that will bring the world to a better place. Don’t be one of those that do what you are worried about now!


And there you have it, 20 questions and they’re answers.  Before you go, I ask you to practice what I have written here next time these come up in our life.  I am writing not only from knowledge but also experience.  And I care about you and want you to find your meaning, your happiness.  I underestimated the power of what I have written here for a long time, and finally I got so fed up up with things not going well I decided to them.  And yes, it worked way better than I had ever imagined.  I stopped listening to my brain and started listening to my heart.  I had never been very good at that, partly because my heart had been drowned out for so long.  

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I sincerely hope that it has brought you relief and comfort. Life can be a crazy thing sometimes.  I just want to make the journey a little easier 🙂 

Much love and light to your success,


Me in my favorite world- nature.

P.S  If you’re wondering where I have been for the last 6 months, read this post!  Thank you!

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