51 Tips for a Successful Lifestyle

Success is not an achievement, it’s a mindset that you must learn and grow into.

by Emma G!


I felt a need to list these very successful tips for improving life and thus improving success.  I use all of them every day to keep myself on the right path.  I want success and I want you to have success too!


Go ahead,  read down the list and find out what you could be missing to live a more fulfilling life!!


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51 Tips for a Successful Lifestyle


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  1.  Drink water.  Soda, tea, coffee, and juices do not count!  Most people think they get enough water, but they don’t!  A simple rule is to drink a half ounce for every pound you weigh.  I like to drink throughout the night.  It’s a simple hack to replenish faster if you’re lacking than trying to drink extra during the day.  Always start your morning with a big glass also.  It flushes your liver and jump starts your digestive system.
  2. Listen to Wealth Affirmations.  Best time to do this is morning time.  I do it while I exercise or shower.  Makes a big difference in my success though the day.  Search on YouTube for many variations and styles.  Check out my favorites in this playlist.
  3. Read the Bible.  Or your favorite motivational book.  This is the second thing after water that I do even before getting up.  Sometimes I trade it up with listening to scriptures on YouTube also.  It’s very important to me as I am a Christian and it grounds me and gets that Faith flowing.
  4. Listen to Motivational speakers/lectures/TEDx talks.   I do this throughout the day.  I have a Smart TV so I can find stuff on YouTube that I like from my favorite speakers, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Gary V…just to name a few.  Especially good when you feel like you just can’t get in the groove!
  5. Spread Positivity.  In everything you do, this is what is going to set you apart from the rest of the world.  Because positivity in this day and age is becoming very rare, almost like a precious commodity.  The news, the world, celebrities are lacking in a big way.  In fact you’ve probably noticed when someone previously unknown makes a stand to be positive or turn a negative event into a positive one they suddenly become famous for this.  It works!  So stand out and be positive, make a difference right now.
  6. Ignore Negativity.  Part of being positive so not reacting or implementing negativity.  It’s so easy to just react in a way we’ve been taught or how our own emotions are responding.  Most think that retaliation is how we get whats ‘owed’ us.  While we may have been ‘owed’ it, we won’t get it by picking a fight.  I imagine that you can think of an instance right now where you did this and it turned out bad.  Next time you have the feeling to react negatively, try a positive approach and watch what happens!
  7. Smile.  The world underestimates the power in a smile.  Studies show that just even smiling to ourselves can help pull us out of a funk. Purposed positivity I call it.  It’s the universal language, not a human that wouldn’t understand it!  So smile more, to yourself and to those who look like they could use it.  You never know if you could save a life with it.
  8. Dream.  Dream and dream big.  This is the wonder of childhood, we believe anything is possible!  If only we could continue that into adulthood!  We can accomplish anything if we dream big enough.  Talk about your dreams.  You will attract those who also dream big too.  You can’t dream too big.
  9. Less and less TV.  Enjoy your favorite shows, but DON’T leave it on all day.  It’s hard on your mind and your body.  You can’t think as clearly and you brain is constantly receiving strong and hurtful waves.  Scientists say that very 20 minutes of TV reduces life 1 hour.
  10. Try to train yourself to not need an alarm clock.  Our bodies were designed to get up when they had enough sleep, not when the alarm went off.   If you can’t bear the thought of waking in the morning then your body is telling you something and the best remedy is to go to bed earlier.  When it’s dark, we’re supposed to sleep and when it’s light we’re supposed to be awake.  Make sure you are getting quality sleep.  If you wake up a lot or take a long time to sleep then try some deep sleep music or guided sleep meditation, all on YouTube.  I am out in 15″ when I do it!  And there’s nothing like wanting to get up in the morning.
  11. Exercise.  If you want quality of life and success, then you must do this.  It doesn’t cost you money if you are creative.  I do have a gym membership but most of my exercise consists of my own yoga-like routine and running around my apartment complex.  There’s a beautiful wooded area all around with a nice path so it’s quite relaxing.  The biggest thing you need to worry about is getting up and doing it!   Also be consistent, if you are going to change your body, you can’t start and stop and do some here and there.  Once again, get on YouTube and look for your ideal workout and system.
  12. Eat Healthy.  Yes this is obvious, but if your brain and body can’t function very well, then how do you expect it to bring you success?  You must take care of it.  You wouldn’t think of feeding your dog or your car most of what you give yourself.  You are very careful to give them the best to keep them in top operating condition, why not yourself?  No, I don’t do a specific diet nor am I in favor of diets.  It’s quite easy, learn the simple ways the body works which you probably already know; and give it real food!  It’s not that hard.  Keep it balanced and diverse.  Eat enough.  This sounds weird but actually few people get enough food and I mean the right food, actual food.  Excess fat is caused as much by not eating regularly as is eating too much.
  13. Ask yourself questions.  This might sound weird but whenever I’m having trouble with something, I go to a quiet place and I ask myself why?  It’s very powerful and you’ll be surprised how fast you can get an answer!  Just be willing to hear the answer and act upon it.
  14. Spend more time with loved ones.  I make one exception to this.  Blood makes us related but loyalty makes us family.  I do not endorse hanging out with family you don’t get along with especially if it’s not your fault.  Most of my family I choose to not spend excess time with because of the negativity and unsuccessful mindset.  It drags me down, makes me depressed and reminds me of less than ideal times.
  15. Write goals out for each day, not a to-do list.  If you can finish small goals you can finish big ones.  Having these small goals each day/week makes you feel very accomplished when you meet them and conditions you for getting to the big ones.  Really boosts the morale!
  16. It’s OK to Sacrifice!  You’re going to have to give those things that are bad for your success(read through the list).  At first you won’t like it but you will soon not even realize that you miss them.  Sacrifice makes us strong and prepares us for bigger things, ore important things.  You have to earn your stripes, earn this success.  And one way you earn it is to give up the things holding you back.  If you want to fly then let go of the things weighing you down!
  17. Stay away from people who drain your energy and drag you down with blame.  I’ve gotten pretty good at this actually.  My life’s path as dictated that I have had to give up almost everyone I thought was near and dear, friends, family, and environment.  It’s not to hard for me to close the door on relationships so you may not ask me for advice on this one.  What I can tell you is that you will be at peace and freer because of it.
  18. Talk about your dreams.  Preferably with people who believe in you.  Talking about them makes brings them even closer and makes you want them more!  They can’t be too big…
  19. Celebrate Yourself!   When you meet your goals, no matter how small they are; when you accomplish something, when you conquer a bad habit, you need to celebrate.  And I don’t mean call a big party or anything, just a little treat to tell your heart and mind that you did it.  We are so quick to reprimand ourselves and punish ourselves but we don’t congratulate ourselves.  Remember as a child, how good it felt when someone praised you and how much it hurt when you were scolded.  These little things make a bigger difference that we realize!
  20. Be content with clean, open spaces.   Get rid of that clutter and don’t be afraid to throw/give things away.  this is so wonderful.  I love getting rid of stuff!  It feels so good to have room to breathe.
  21. Always be thinking 2 steps ahead of what you’re doing.  Another success hack that prepares you and helps avoid time wasting and
  22. Problems?  Think solution.  As soon as problems arise in life , big or small, know that there is a solution somewhere and it’s time to find it.  See solutions not problems.  This will save you much heartache and trouble.  While you cannot avoid problems you can always be ahead of them.  And know that God only has 3 answers: ‘Yes’, ‘Not yet’, ‘I have something better’!  Everything always turns out.
  23. Always be kind!  Be kind even when you don’t free like it.  Even when someone has mistreated you.  Even when someone flips yo off for something that was their fault in traffic.  Even when your world seems to be falling apart.  Even you have no reason to be kind.  even when you don’t free well.  even when you’re angry.  Even when you’re sad.  Be kind and kindness will come!
  24. Manage your emotions.  Yes, you need to figure this out!  It is crucial to not let your emotions run the show.  Why?  because they’re unpredictable, they tend to pick the easy way out, and they mess with your head and tell you lies.  You have to be grounded and stable so when those emotions pile up and burst forth, you can still make the right choices.
  25. Embrace the tough times.  It will be OK!  The world won’t end and you will come out on the shining side!  If you have to lay on the ground and repeat ‘it will be just fine’ over and over, then do it!
  26. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about work.  Don’t be so focused on success that you forget to live.  It’s a dance of balance and beauty.  Love and life.  Laughter and joy.
  27. Start finishing what you start, and go finish the things you’ve already started if they are profitable to finish.  It will give you a sense of closure and big dose of accomplishment.  Plus you will never be successful if you don’t finish what
  28. Do what you say you will do.  Don’t promise things you can’t do for the sake of saving face.  Always over-deliver!  People don’t stick around very long, so if you can get their attention then you must also keep it.  They won’t last long especially if they know that they can’t expect much from you.
  29. Always be thinking bigger than those around you!  Be the best.  And to be the best you must always be going bigger, realizing what seems impossible.  No one thought it could be done until someone went out and did it.  The bigger your dream, the bigger the success and recognition.  Go make it happen!
  30. If you want monetary success, you must have Passion.  And to have passion you must do what you love.  A lack of passion will always keep you from everything you want.  Pain creates a desire, and desire creates a passion!
  31. Feel the Pain!  If you have any pain in your life right now, it could be relationship pain, money pain, emotional pain, etc.  Feel this pain, let it sink very deep.  Because this pain is going to help you get up and go make something happen.  If the pain isn’t great enough then you’ll just leave it there, braking you down a little more every day and eventually killing you.  Instead feel the pain and let it drive to want to fix it, it get rid of it.  Pain has created more solutions in this world than anything else.  Keep your head up through the process and know that it will make a far better person than you ever imagined.  Let it guide you to your answers.
  32. Succeed no matter what!  Promise me, promise yourself right now that you will never give up.  Never, never, ever.  Even if you can not do it for the world, for those you love, do it for yourself.  You deserve it!  You weren’t born to struggle to just pay your bills and die.  We were made for bigger and better things.  You were given your dream because you have everything ti takes to make it happen.
  33. Believe you can do it.  Don’t just say you can, KNOW you can.  Many people tell their head and they forget to tell their heart also.  So they think they believe and begin forcing it to happen.  But it never does, they get frustrated and doubt creeps in.  A vicious cycle of self doubt and mental destruction begins.  It’s an awful place to be!  You need to believe in your heart that you can achieve this and you will make it happen.
  34. Believe you are more than good enough.  You are a human being, the best thing that has ever been!  Most people seem to love talking themselves down.  It’s a weird phenomena really.  If we could trade every thought and every sentence we say that puts us down with something the total opposite, a compliment or encouragement, we could sure change our lives and the lives of those around us!
  35. Know that you create the difference between who you are now and who you want to be!  You are in control of your life, your actions, your emotions, and what you are going to go do when you are finished reading this.  Most people have a million excuses for why they don’t respond kindly, why they are lazy, or why they don’t have what they want.  These are the people who will never be successful!  I hope you take me seriously.  Every thought an every action is your responsibility.  Yes, they may be influenced by the way we feel at the moment and how we grew up but we can still override all of that.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL of everything in your life.
  36. You’re gonna have discouragement.  It’s normal, learn to conquer it.  We’re wired to be disappointed whenever something doesn’t go the way we wanted.  Our parents taught us this when they sowed disappointment in us as children.  You can’t just get rid of it.  Work with it instead.  Practice turning it around with affirmations.  You know how good it feels when things do go right, and how bad it feels when they don’t.  So create an internal atmosphere that will attract the universes good graces and disappointment will be a distant memory.
  37. Your heart (gut) DOES know best.  I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself that I wish I had listened to my instincts.  you know that ‘gut’ feeling.  I don’t know why it’s they say gut because that’s not where I feel it but you know what I’m talking about.
  38. Definitely do a vision board.  OK, or something along those lines.  And put it where you can see it when you wake up.  If your goals and dreams are the first thing on your mind when you wake up, you are already 10 steps closer to making them happen.  It can be simple.  I got a fabric and ribbon picture board at Goodwill for $4, it looked new and it was really beautiful.  Then I just started slipping in photos I had printed from Google and some words/quotes I was using as encouragement and reminders.
  39. Do things that are going to pay you back in the future.  Avoid the time-wasters.  If it won’t affect you 5 years from now, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.  Some big areas of distractment are browsing social media every time we get a notification, checking emails every 2 minutes, talking to people who waste and drain our energy, etc.  Don’t get me wrong there’s a time and a place for all of these, but most of the time we’re prone to do them to avoid other activities by thinking we’re being kept busy and therefore not able to do something that really matters.
  40. Be adventurous!  Take a risk now and then!  A wise risk albeit, but do something your’e afraid of, or something that looks fun to do.  Just get out there and be fun, have fun, and do fun!  You will be amazed at what a little periodic recharging can do for your success in life.
  41. Get some pretty stuff, treat yourself.  If you’re not happy and having fun, what’s the point?  Pamper yourself, within your means. Get something just for you, you don’t need a reason.  I have a hard time spoiling myself because I was taught to only deserve the bare necessities.  I have to remember to thank myself and know that I deserve the fruits of my hard work.  (Maybe you do this too often, there’s always a flip side, I that case you should slow done and do the things your future self will thank you for.)
  42. Be a source of power and positive energy!  When you walk into a room, you want everyone to feel your good energy.  This one is really cool, I want to, and have, taken command of a room when I walk in, in a good way obviously.  When people are around me they feel it and they respond accordingly.  I actually take upset or angry people as a challenge because I can turn them positive and I love it.  People, children and animals love me and want to be close to me, even if I don’t know them.  You can achieve this by following many of the rules laid out in this post.
  43. Know that what seems to be the final straw isn’t, it’s the first!  You may want to throw in the towel a lot.  I even do sometimes, but I know that I will be sorry I did for the rest of my life!  I have a big why and it propels me when I have nothing left inside.  Motivation has always been my struggle and in my circumstances I have to self-motivate a lot.  It is tough!  But it’s not more than you can handle.  You have been given this dream and you have what you need to make it happen.  trust me when I say the view from the top is so worth it!  Many people given up right before their breakthrough, their big moment.  It is so sad really.  If and when it gets harder than you an imagine, know you almost there!
  44. If you want monetary success, than build a brand around yourself.  This is a big one and really a post all to itself.  Most entrepreneurs and marketers miss this one or learn it too late!   Don’t focus on products or anything else but you, who you are, what you stand for,etc.  This is what will make you famous in the long run!
  45. When it comes to success, think money last.  Yes, it tough, you most likely got into this to change your money situation.  But if you ever want to truly change it, money is the last thing you should be thinking about.  Focus on building yourself into a glorious human being.  Focus on making your life happy and well.  The money will follow.
  46. If you’re building a business, make sure it’s to change the world and not your bank account.  Trust me this is how you’re gonna get noticed!  In this greedy, senseless world people need and desperately want something/someone to believe in.  Give it to them.  Give them something that rises above the noise and the chaos.  Something different, something new.  If you study anyone who has made a big difference in their time, this is what they did.  This is how you build a legacy.
  47. Get out of your comfort zone!  What you want to accomplish is on the other side of your comfort zone.  Nothing good and growing happens inside your comport zone.  Pain is the biggest driver of success.
  48. Know that you are YOU, no one else.  Just believing that can make you very successful if you utilize that power of it.  See my video series, The Secret to Success!
  49. Stop playing the Victim.  Even if something is not your fault and you are upset, playing a victim will hold you back from taking responsibility and getting over it.  Being a victim won’t make it not happen, it won’t make it go away and it won’t make the other party act any better.  Know that stuff happens, life is not perfect, nor can you make it perfect but you are in control of your happiness and that is most important!  Try to avoid the situation or similar situations in the future if possible.
  50. You attract what you are.  If you are constantly fighting negativity, people, problems and otherwise, take a look deep inside and see how you are in the dark corners.  Who you are at your core will ultimately manifest itself in your life.  And remember, if you don’t like what you see down there, you can change!  Again, focus on changing from the ugly caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.  It takes time…
  51. …So Keep Going!!!  Never give up.  Nothing changes overnight.  Regret is an awful thing and if you don’t believe me, go visit a elderly folks home and ask them what they wish they had done different in their life.


And this concludes my best tips for a successful life!  I wanted to keep it short and sweet so you go out and start right now.

I hope you were inspired and encouraged.  As I say I’m in the business of making successful people and this is one of those ways I can help you find success.


Love and Success,

Emma G!


P.S.  Please leave me a comment stating your favorite tip!  I love to hear from my readers.

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