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About Emma

Hi, I am Emma.  I am an internet marketer with a passion to help people like you find your own financial freedom.

Honestly my story begins a long time ago when I was little. I was the oldest of 9 children, born to regular folk. We always had what we needed, but my parents had a very hard time keeping up with the bills.

I had the makings of an entrepreneur (even though I didn’t know it at the time), since I was very young. I remember fondly, the times when I would set up little stores of whatever I found in the kitchen and other places around the house. I would invite my brothers and sisters to come and buy from me. We would use paper money and I’d have sales and coupons to encourage them to buy from me, there were often a few of us with ‘stores’! As soon as everything was ‘purchased’ they would bring it all back and we’d set up again. When I grew older, we’d use real money and sell our personal things to each other, craft items, doll clothes, etc. Sometimes an item would go through several hands at a time!

Then when I turned 12, my mother, who also had a entrepreneurial mindset, decided with my father to start a small home business for my sisters and I, there’s 5 sisters, for when we grew older. (I grew up in a cult that didn’t allow college and discouraged women from getting jobs outside the home.) So she started making homemade, all natural, body care products and we sold them at local farmers markets and craft shows. Very soon we had taken over most of it.  I got to be quite good with people skills and selling.


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I also helped my mother with the yearly finances for my father who had two businesses of his own. I loved that.

When I was 20, sad circumstances caused my mother to have the need to leave our home. Because she had been a homemaker for the last 23 years, it would be very hard for her and the children to just up and get a job. We needed to be provided well for and also needed a house big enough for all of us. Thankfully we had a car in our name and our small business that would support us in the summer. But it was not going to be easy going from being fully taken care of to having to provide and take care of ourselves. At the time I was a wedding photographer, and I was building that up, hoping to take care of my family. I learned though that it would take too long to be enough to provide for us. I didn’t really have any big ideas, even though I knew I had to do something! I grew up extremely sheltered, with no TV or movies or pretty much any outside world interaction so my mind’s parameters were very small. I didn’t know what was possible, just what I wanted. I was very good with computers and the internet so I kept my eyes open for anything that could help. I loved studying and could learn about anything if I wanted too. So one day I saw an ad on Youtube for making money online.  Now mind you I didn’t know anything about internet marketing or whatever this ad was talking about, but it showed a way to make good money, definitely more than enough to support us and the best thing was that I could do it from home!  I gave them my email and it took me about a month of receiving their emails for me to muster up the courage to convince my mother that it wasn’t a scam and that it would be a good thing for us.  I had to use her credit card because I didn’t even have one! And on top of everything, it had to be kept top secret from my dad who turned the internet off on us continually throughout the day. OK, so I don’t think you could possibly get any more obstacles than that!  I started the training, literally blundering through, googling every new concept or word or idea that came up- I mean, what in the world is an email swipe?

Now it all makes sense to me and I know that it is the best way to get to where I want to go.  Now I can provide for my family. Now I can travel, one of my greatest dreams.  And best of all I can help people like you realize the dreams you never thought possible.

I started life working very hard for not much and I now know that’s not how I have to end it, all because I took the plunge and followed my dreams!

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this is that nothing is too big for you to overcome.  Nothing can keep you from you dreams!  I know- there are a thousand excuses we all can come up with, but hey, it comes down to this- how badly do you want it?

I hope you feel inspired to go take on the world and conquer anything and everything that stands in your way!



Since I wrote that, a lot has changed!  I had to give up online marketing for a time because I got my first job.  I was manager of a company so I had very little extra time!  I had started my journey end of 2015, in April 2016 I paused my online marketing, then in December 2016 I started up again with renewed gusto. Then April 7th, 2017 I quit my first and only job!  I walked away believing that I could work from home full time and finally live my dreams!!  And now I am.  Just a week later I made my first affiliate commission(I had made money in a few other ways online but this was the first affiliate commission)!!!  I was terribly excited and knew I was finally doing it!!  And I still continue that today!


To you and your future,



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