Claiming Abundance with a Feng shui Money Corner

Claiming Abundance with a Feng shui Money Corner

by emma gossett

Hey my Dear Readers!

How are you doing?  I sincerely hope that you are claiming your power through the universe and all is going in the direction of your dreams!  Today I want to talk about something really fun.  Claiming your abundance through finding and creating the money corner of your house according to Feng shui.

Ok now first a little background.  I have been wanting to do this in my own place even though I will be moving soon, lease is up and I want to be closer to family.  I’m in a manifesting group on Facebook and we’ve been discussing this topic a lot lately.  The testimonials and experiences people are having after doing it were just amazing.  So a some time ago I did my own!  It was not only a lot of fun but it was also really powerful.  I am going to explain why having physical objects helps you believe and feel thus making manifesting much more powerful in another blog post really soon!

The very next day after I created my wealth corner, while at work I found a deep purple carnation flower.  Now this is significant in a couple ways.  First, carnation is my birth flower and I love them too btw.  Second deep purple is the color of my wealth energy according to my Kua number, more on that later.  So it was a big deal to find it.  I placed it on my wealth altar in case you were wondering and even today it looks exactly like it did when I first found it!  The energy is real friends!  

So first of all what is Feng shui?

This is Google’s dictionary definition: (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

In simple words, everything has an energy flow but you already know that.  Now imagine a building with a draft flowing through it.  Imagine that that is the building’s energy and it has a specific pattern and flow.  Each area has different power and direction. This is Feng shui.  Now your home is special too.  It has this energy pattern flowing through it. And the Feng shui Masters have made it easy for us to learn these patterns and thus use them for our own prosperity and love,etc. Thank the universe for Google and the internet, we can quickly and easily access this knowledge!

While there is a energy concentration and pattern for every corner and area of your house, I’m going to focus on the wealth corner of the home.  I do urge you to not stop at the wealth corner, but learn and discover the other areas of your home.  One more thing, maybe wealth is not something you want to focus on or it’s not an issue for you.  Maybe you have trouble with having a loving relationship, or family problems, or finding your purpose.  Good news, there is a corner for those too!  While you may focus on your biggest personal issue, don’t completely ignore the others. Balance is the foundation in Chinese teachings, and I believe, the whole universe.  Ok so on to the fun part!

Where is my wealth corner?  Well, there are many ways to find it.  The most popular being the most left corner from your front door.  So stand in your doorway facing in not out.  Now where is the most left corner that is also the farthest from where you are standing?  Found it?  Good now go to this corner and take good look at it.  What’s it look like?  Now clean it up!!!!!!  I mean really clean, look behind furniture, clean out and organize the closet, empty and wash garbage cans, make the bed, mop the floor, vacuum the carpet, whatever is applicable.


A little Disclaimer

Now let’s take quick pause for a disclaimer.  If you think that doing this is going to make money rain from the sky and through your front door then you have mistaken the reason for maximizing our homes for Feng shui chi (energy).  You are the only one who can bring more wealth and abundance into your life.  What you believe about money and your lack or abundance thereof will effect your wealth more than anything else.  Did you hear and understand what I just said?  Let me repeat.  What YOU believe about your money or wealth will attract or detract its presence in your life. None of these objects or things will actually bring the money.  What this Feng shui does is help increase your energy or belief in something, in this case wealth/money.  It causes the energy you already produce and reflect to expand and vibrate higher and higher.  And that is what brings it to you ultimately.  So if you have damaging thoughts or beliefs about money and yourself then no amount of Feng shui will bring it to you.  And I am also not responsible for what happens when and if you decide to do this. LOL 🙂

What if?

This brings us to the next common question.  What if my wealth corner is in a strange place?  OK you’ve located your wealth corner with the most common method and you are standing there looking at a pile of trash or a toilet or a overflowing closet.  Now what?
Because this could get long really fast if I added on the possible scenarios and their cures, I am going to include links to really good articles for curing Feng shui money area problem.

7 tips for the bathroom.

For areas like the garage, closets or open spaces.


Your front door is the mouth to your feng shui, where the energy enters. Keep it strong and protected

Trees and fountains are the major symbols in feng shui for wealth. Use pictures of plants; little fountains are also very powerful. If there are windows in your wealth corner, then keep them curtained, use sheer ones to allow the light in. Windows symbolize energy leaving. Trash will symbolize throwing energy away. Running water, as water leaving the house not water features, also means energy being washed away and leaving. So do what you can to limit those features.


Crystals are the most obvious things to place in your wealth corner, my favorite. The well known abundance crystals are Citrine and Pyrite of course, I add Aventurine and green Florite, personal favorites of mine. Green or yellow Jade and Tiger’s eye are also popular. I put a moss agate in there also. While I do not have one of these yet, Lodestone is popular for attracting abundance and good luck due to its magnetic properties.

I love this article about abundance crystals.

Personal effects.  This is all about you and your dreams, so don’t feel like you need to follow this to a tee.  Add what makes you feel good about money, makes you smile and dream when you see it.  Maybe you have a little Buddha statue that you love or a money frog or lucky bamboo…add them!  Coins in different currencies, flowers, a journal where you manifest and affirm-ate, anything that symbolizes wealth to you will cause you to think wealthy thoughts when you pass by your corner.

I have issues with being on the negative side of things and not being grateful.  So I added a little purple jar and every time I receive something in the form of abundance, manifested or not, I write it on little decorative tags with the date and place them in the jar to remember when I’m not feeling very abundant.  A second little jar I add is for things I am in the process of manifesting and wanting/needing.  I write them down and add them.  Then each day I look at that jar and be grateful for my abundance and continue to ask and manifest these in this physical realm.

My Experience

Ok so now that you have a fairly good idea of what’s going on here and how to design your own little(or big) wealth corner, let me tell you a little of my experience since having mine.

When I did mine I still had a lot of limiting beliefs about money.  It’s always a work-in-progress.  Right away I noticed an increase in seeing money and finding it in random places.  I had little things happening to me that was bringing me into better relationship with money.  And I was thinking about money often, remembering why I had these limiting beliefs about money and abundance in the first place, (because we aren’t born with them).

My favorite part though is having that constant presence of money.  I made conscious effort to think about it and fall in love with it, manifest it and be thankful for it.  It’s so easy to take for granted.  I began to see that I am the one who commands money.  It works for me and it needs to have purpose and reason.  I Am the one who creates it and allows it to flow through me.

(FYI, I’m not including a photo of mine here, because I just moved in the middle of writing this article and haven’t unpacked and set it up yet!)

What all did I put in my wealth corner?
Besides the thankfulness jars I mentioned earlier, I covered a little two-tiered table with a black piece of real velvet. To me velvet means wealth. Then I added my crystals which I blessed with abundance. Cleaned coins are scattered all over to symbolize much material money.  Some little pieces of decorative wood for color and material possessions. I even added some gold jewelry for attracting abundance.


In memorandum, only do what feels right to you, what you’re being called to be.  Life is amazing.  And I want you to experience it to the fullest.  No matter if you think you live in a dump or a mansion, we can be whoever and whatever we want to.  Experience and taste and smell and enjoy it all.  Claiming your abundance is about knowing what you want and what you feel is abundance.  These tips and ideas are to spice up the journey and help your body and mind come into alignment with who you really are- Divine!  Your soul is growing and learning and discovering.  Claim your power, your dreams and get excited for what is yours!  The whole Universe is yours to have and love.


I sincerely hope this article inspired you to try this.  It’s a lot of fun to do and the results will be the most fun part!  Email me or leave a comment f you have a question about this and feel free to post you results too!  I’d to hear your experience in using Feng shui for abundance and wealth gain.


much love, emma


Remember, all the power in the universe is at your back!  Be yourself and make your dreams come true. <3

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