10 Hot Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement!


How to Get a Ton of Likes and Comments on Your Posts!!!

by Emma G!


If you’re an online marketer, you need to be seen on Facebook!!!  You need big engagement.  Facebook engagement means interest, friendships, business relations and possible sales.  But you already know that.  Let’s talk about how to get SEEN!!!  

If you love ads, then just ignore this post because this pretty much only applies to attraction marketers trying to get seen.


Oh by the way, attraction marketing is…?

Simply put you’re attracting people to you and your business!  Especially if you’re a beginner, attraction marketing will save you thousands of dollars on advertising and advertising mistakes!  

So how do you increase your presence on FB?  Because of course that’s how you’re going to get noticed which equals sales.  

(Secret: These are the same tips the pros use to create crazy popular FB posts and pages!)    You’re welcome! 😉

So before this turns into a whole new post, let’s get to the juicy part- FB engagement!!!


Here are the Hottest ways to make FB’s algorithms work for YOU!!

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***REMEMBER that the more engagement a post gets the more FB shows your post in your friends feeds!!***


The key to success in attraction marketing is getting those posts seen by as many people as possible!!!  Here goes my list of the best tips to make those status updates roar!!!

1.) All About YOU!

OK, this is the most confusing part of social media marketers to me!  Stupid looking profiles with no info on yourself!   Whaaaat???  Like I mean, why would you have a crappy photo of yourself and some dumb half-cropped cover image???  Is that really how you want people to know you?  I hope not!

Tell me, you judge whether you think someone looks successful by looking at their profile when you see it!  People are going to do that to you too, and you better hope and pray that they don’t notice your profile.  Or you could change it to something that people are attracted to…

I beg you to please go look at your profile closely and ask yourself, “Would this catch my eye and make me want to follow?”  Make sure your links and social links are up-to-date.  Your description should be clear, concise and fun.  

2.) No Links, Ever!

Leave the links to Messenger!  I am guilty of this one.  It’s tempting to leave your links in, say the comments area but nope- Facebook hates links.  They have a very special place for links- Facebook jail! 

Encourage people to comment on your posts for the info and then send them the link.  Yes it will take more time but you will be sending the link to someone who actually wants it and way more people will get to see the post, resulting in, ultimately, way more link views.

So unless you are boosting a post or doing an ad, leave the links far away from your posts and profile.

3.) Commenting is the Way to Go!

Comment, comment, comment!!  This is FB’s best kept secret.  You wouldn’t believe how often they use your comments to judge whether they like you or not!

You must comment on the posts to receive top engagement.  When FB sees you, (yes they have eyes everywhere), liking hundreds of posts, they stop showing yours.  They think that you are not actually reading the posts and engaging so they use your commenting skills to gauge how much you’re engaging.  Smart huh?  

Social media is supposed to be social and they’re bound to keep it that way.  They know that if FB turns into an advertising madhouse then everyone will go away and join something else and then they’ll lose they’re power over the world.  They don’t want you taking advantage of this power also, unless of course you’re paying them for their trouble.

So to get people to see your posts 

Also make sure you go back and interact and respond to people to comment on your posts, OK???

4.) Stop Tagging a Million People!

Yeah they’ll see your post but they’ll also hate you and remove the tag.   It does NOT do anything when it comes to algorithims and getting your post seen.  Just an annoying little do-not-do!

5.) Don’t Over-post!!!

This is a tricky one.  I know how tempting it is to share cute stuff and tell everyone everything that happens to you.  But every time you post, the new post is going to get shown over the older one.  If a post starts performing well, LEAVE it!  Don’t post something and ruin the chance of the the good post being hidden.  Quick rule-of-thumb to get you started- post 4 times a day…

6.) Keep it Relevant!

Please stop posting about how drunk you got last night!  No recipes unless you’re a cook.  If people are at all confused of what you do or who you are, then you’ve already lost them!  When they get to your profile/page, you have 3 second to create a forever lasting impression.  So who do you wan them to think you are about?   Start posting about stuff that actually applies to your business/niche.

7.) Lots of Text with Emojis!!!

Instagram is for photos!!!  Look, Facebook now owns Instagram.  They are clearly separating Facebook and Instagram and that separation is marked by images.  

It seems weird but FB doesn’t like photos as much anymore.  Try it, post a quote and emojis without the image and a post with one, and try it.  Just make sure you post with 4-5 hours in between.

8.) Go Live!!!

I know, this is a tough one!  I personally don’t mind being on cameras, if my hair looks good that is.  But I understand that many people have a hard time being on camera and talking etc.  But this is all I can say that if you can’t handle a few people seeing you then what are you going to do when you are rich and famous and thousands of people want to see you, in videos and TV???  Something to think about!

You can go slow to build your confidence if you need to.  But at the least try it!  Once you do it, it will only get easier.  You are only going to grow outside your comfort zone anyway so start practicing!!!

FB loves its live feature and your followers/friends do too.  It’s a way to build trust and rapport online like no other.  So start taking advantage of it and go live!  It’s also a killer way to 

9.) Engage with Groups

This is not as much an algorithm thing as it is a networking and marketing thing.  It’s probably the best way to engage and find like-minded people and connect with them.  I have several friends who swear by this for promoting;  find a person with a problem and share your solution with them.  

10.) Lots of Love

Last year Facebook brought out Emoticons and for good reasons.  It is not as easy to just press like and move on.  Also Facebook can gauge if you’re really checking the posts or just auto-liking!  

Algorithms and software aside, I love giving a more specific opinion on people’s posts.  Sometimes you see a post that you think is funny but you may not want to like it because others may see your name associated with it not as funny but as liking it.  Hope that makes sense! 🙂  Emoticons are valuable not just in showing the emotion a post gave you but also in boosting your own post views.  How?  The more you use them Facebook knows that you’re engaging and so will then show your posts in others news feed. 

Why all this Crazy Algorithm Stuff?

Some say you should beat the algorithm.  I say make it work for you!  But you do have to know the rules of the game to be able to play with them.

So that’s I’ve just gone for you, spelled out the rules hopefully simply.   It’s crazy how fast your posts become ‘famous’ once you put these simple tricks into play!

Facebook has put all these ‘rules’ out there so that you can’t make easy money off them.  (They want that money!) 

FB knows that if it turns into an advertising madhouse then everyone will leave it and join somewhere else without marketing and then they’ll lose their power over the world.  They don’t want you taking advantage of this power, unless of course you’re paying them for their trouble.


Now go out and show the world what you’ve got!  And remember the algorithms are always changing.  Facebook does pretty good at keeping up with all the new tricks coming out from marketers in particular.  Don’t try to perfect it, just do your best and know that it’s social media, it’s for engaging and networking!

I hope that you will go and implement these hot tips and watch your engagement soar!


Love and Success,

Emma G!


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8 thoughts on “10 Hot Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement!

  • May 31, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    All great advice, Emma.

    It’s a bit of a dance, isn’t it? Not too much of this, not too little of that.

    That’s a good tip about spacing out one’s posts, so that a newer post does not displace an older post, especially if the older post is getting good engagement.

    • May 31, 2017 at 5:42 pm

      Thanks Judy for reading it! Glad you got some tips! 🙂

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