Why You Need to Listen to Music for Success

Music is Necessary for Success

by Emma G!


OK, that’s a weird statement actually.

Everybody loves music in one way or another….

But to claim that it’s vital to success???


Music is all around good but as time moves on, we’re finding that it is so much more than just pleasant to listen to!

This is an excellent article by Daily Mail on why music is necessary for good health.  Goes through the hows and why music helps chronic back pain, improves your workout and helps memory loss.  Read it here- why listening to music is the key to good health.


But I assume most of you know the simple facts of why lifts our spirits or joins in our sorrow.

I want to talk about the difference it makes when going for success.


Why You Need to Listen to Music for Success if You Want Success

(Now I want to disclaim that this is all very subjective.  Everyone likes something a little different and feels different emotions even when listening to the same song.)

When it comes to the journey to success, most people miss the little things that add up to make bigger results.  Especially us online marketers, we run around like we have our heads cut off trying to figure out all the secrets and how we can live our dreams right now.

Mindset is the first thing that’s forgotten when stress and problems invade our privacy.  Mindset is the least searched and striven for.  But it’s the most important.  When we are concerned and work on our mindset first, this life success we so desperately want to achieve comes naturally.  The universe/God rewards those who have put in the effort to be successful.  Mindset means we get back up even when we continue to fail.  It means that we are positive and thankful even when it seems there’s nothing left to be joyful about.

So how does music tie into mindset???  Well, I was just saying mindset causes us to be in a different frame of mind than what our circumstance or emotions are calling from us.

This is really important so pay attention!! 🙂

Proper mindset for success means you must be able to ‘level up’ your vibration from a lower place you may be in.  Without doing this you will constantly be on defense, fighting to stay above the water.  But when you level up your emotional state, you go on offense, or walk on the water you were originally drowning in.  Make sense?

Let’s move on!  So listening to music for success can power you right up these levels and actually change your mental state.  That’s why I listen to music that is positive, inspiring and motivating.

As soon as I feel that I am not in a state of attracting success to myself, then I do whatever necessary to change this.  It can save you a lot of misery!


There is a ton of music on YouTube you can listen to or even buy that falls into this category.

Below are some useful keywords when searching for this kind of music for success.

  • music for success
  • music for wealth
  • music for emotional well-being
  • music for productivity
  • music with wealth affirmations

Just a few of my favorites!

So as you go about your daily business routine, remember this and look for music for success that will enhance your efforts at the time.  You’ll be surprised  at the difference in your actions and your emotional state!

And as a bonus I’ve included my favorite YouTube track for productivity.  I personally find I do much better with content creation while listening to it.


Don’t forget to check out my video series, The Secret to Success here!!!!!


Love and Success,

Emma G!

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