Why Do People Have a Bad Taste of Internet Marketers…

I had a friend tell me today about another friend who made a snide remark about me being in the internet marketing business.  It hurt!  But you know what else it did?  It lit a fire under me and I mean a big fire, not a spark, sending me on a mission to prove all the more that it does.

I am one of those crazy, ambitious people that when you tell me something doesn’t work, I’ll go out and make sure to prove to you it does!  So guess what?  I wrote a blog post!  🙂  No really I did, but that’s not the point.  I want to talk about the why.

Why are so many people against it?

Here are two simple facts first brought to light by the youngest, highest paid affiliate online marketer today, Shaqir Hussyin, about people who think all online marketers are scammers.  And I don’t know who he got them from, so we’re attributing them to him.

1) They’ve had some bad experience with others trying to sell to them.
2) Or, they joined one when they were young and new and couldn’t make it into a success.

There you go, the top reasons people have such a bad taste of internet marketing systems, affiliate marketing and MLM businesses!  Makes a lot of sense, right?  Either you’ve had a bad experience or you didn’t try long enough, or didn’t get help!  Pretty simple to me.

So on to solutions!  (Sorry, I don’t tend to drag out a subject, do I?  🙂  Moving right along…

  1.  If you’ve had a bad experience, I’m very sorry to hear it and hope you never have such a one with me!  But just because the first try didn’t go so well doesn’t mean that’s the case with all of them.  Giving up is the leading cause of failure, anywhere, anytime, in case you didn’t know.  Why not look around, or do a little research?  The door’s been opened for you and now you know the possibilities.  Try again, and try, try, try!  As they say the last key on the ring is usually the one that opens the door.  And it doesn’t hurt to get some advice from someone who knows.  🙂
  2. I was young when I started, still am, and I was blessed to come to the right one the first time.  But believe me that in itself does not guarantee success.  I will still have to work hard, still have to be persistent, consistent and insistent.  In fact many programs out there are great ways to get started but it depends on you to take it to success.  I know, so many people have made us believe that the rich ones got rich not doing anything and we all can get rich without doing anything too.  But that is NOT how it works, if they are ‘rich’ then that is because they are being rewarded for their labors.  “If you want to have what no one else has, then you will have to do what no one else is willing to do!”  (And I don’t know who said that, so don’t think I’m plagiarizing.  If you know, let me know in the comments, and I will fix it.)

If there was one thing I would change on the internet today in the make-money world, it would be people’s view of internet marketing.  It is the best option you have today if you are an entrepreneur or just really ambitious person wanting to make a lot of money fast.

Some people have a really bad opinion on internet marketers.  You will see their comments and complaints all over the internet.  But I don’t care about that.  Some minds you can’t change once they’re made up!  And I am not going to waste my time on those ones.  I know it works if you use the right system in the right way.  So I am going to focus my precious time on the ones who want to make it work, and hopefully that’s you!

On top of all that, if you aren’t convinced yet, I beg the question: Why then if there are so many people seemingly against it, is it the fastest growing and most profitable way to make money today?  Because friends, it works!  It works!  That’s the plain truth, it works!  In the end we will see the ones who tried, and tried again, making to success.

So remember this, my friends, when you are tempted to give up on a program or grand idea you have, thinking it was just a scam,-


In the end we will see which ones succeed, and it will be because they tried, and tried again, making it all the way to success.

And for that friend I mentioned earlier? …I can’t wait to see their face when they see what I did with it!  That’ll be the day!


To you who don’t give up,


P.S.  If you think I gave you a dreary look at how to get to the top fast, then check out this article.

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