My Review of ‘FB Automate’


FB Automate, the Newest Automation Tool for Entrepreneurs!!

by Emma Gossett


Click here if you are like me and just want to check it out NOW!!!!


I was Skeptical…

You may have heard about this little tool, FB Automate, from a friend or maybe even me!  I want to make this post here because I know how you feel every time some new ‘thing’ comes out!  I was very skeptical too, but a trusted friend sent it to me and raved about it.

So I purchased it (don’t freak out, it’s next-to-nothing!)  By the way it comes with an Inactive Friends Deleter extension and an Instagram Hacks e-book for FREE!

Then I started using it…

I’m telling you that I love this!!!!

It makes simple engagement so fast and easy!  I instantly started getting more likes, comments and views on my Facebook.  and indirectly it lead me to several sales also.  That is the end goal for us social media marketers- to make sales!


What Does It Do

These are just to name a few!  You can post to your groups all at once; you can like everything on a page, group, or profile; you can send a message to all your friends; you can click your ‘poke back’ buttons at once if you like that feature; or add all the people in a group as friends.  People start seeing you everywhere and will want to know how you’re ding it and what you’re about.  People love famous people and are always ready to run to the next big thing they see.  Now’s your chance to get a little of that love!!

How Does It Work

As you probably know Facebook loves engagement!  It’s tricky algorithms are set up in such away that the more engagement you give- the more you get.  When people see your name popping up everywhere, they’re gonna want to know who you are and what you’re about!  They check you out and if they are interested they will contact you or maybe just get on board with you!  I’ve had that happen.

FB Automate is a Chrome extension that you get a link for downloading.  Then you will enter the sales ID from your sales receipt into the license key box to get access to all the premium features.  You just open the extension on a page where you want to apply the particular feature and click the preferred button.  Voila!!!  Hours of engagement done in one click.



Maybe I’m biased, but I love, love, love it!  And I am confident you will too.  That’s why I’m definitely recommending it if you are an entrepreneur or online marketer wanting to improve your social media standing.

Here you go, click this link, and go have fun with it!!!

Let me know if you encounter any problems, I take care of my peeps. 🙂


You must engage to be engaged

Remember, just getting this program won’t make anything happen, YOU HAVE TO USE IT!



Until next time, have a fun and successful time engaging,


“Helping YOU realize your potential”


Yes, I am an affiliate marketer and I may or may not received a sales commission form links in this post.

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