The Secret to Success

by Emma Gossett

(For Any and All Online Marketers Who Are Dissatisfied with The Normal Way)

The internet has changed our world drastically!  Some for the worse, but most for the better.  With it came the possibility for anyone to make good money easily and quickly  anywhere in the world with relatively very low start-up cost.  But then came the competition, everyone wanted to do it.  To get noticed they had to start using more and more catchy tactics to bring people to their offers.  Thus you and I are being taught to ‘sell’ creating a ton of unhappy people who think all internet marketing is a scam.  Now it’s time to do something different!  I am tired of ‘selling’, of trying to bring people in by not telling them all the truth of what they’re actually doing.  Read on if this is you, for the secret to success in online marketing!


Let’s Be Honest

In today’s online marketing world you often have to become a person you don’t want to be or do things you don’t want to do because that’s how marketing works these days.  So what do the people with integrity do?  They struggle and never really make much because they want to be honest.  How do we fix this major problem here?  How can we be honest and make good money at the same time?


The Answer?

There are 7 billion people in this world and not a single one is exactly like another. So that means that if people start copying other people they lose their biggest asset, their own uniqueness. That’s the intrigue in every human, wanting to know another human because they are different. We are curious creatures, we want to know what we don’t know. So guess what?  You can use this gift you have- YOU, to completely revamp your online business and drastically become more successful. People want you, not what you’re selling. Sell you, your life, your story. That intrigues them, they want to know about you. And the more interesting you are or the more you are different from others, the more they want to know you.

People are followers by nature, they are constantly looking for someone, something to follow. That’s why people like celebrities and athletes are so famous, they give people something to follow. They aren’t special, they just learned how to attract people to them. And if you notice the more different and unusual the person, the bigger the following.


How does this apply to My Online Marketing Business?

This is how you are going to honestly gain followers and sell what you want to sell. People are going to come to you and then see what you do and what you do and naturally want it too. Instead of chasing them and trying to trick them into buying what you are trying to make money off of- entice them, engage them. Make them want to come, give them the look they want, the lifestyle, the food, the clothes, whatever. Be you, use your style, your story, your uniqueness.

People love honesty.  They can usually smell scams and fake people from a long way away.  They want you and your real life.  They want to know you and talk to you and share with you. Use your great power and stop copying others, no matter how successful. Be different, be you!


How do I do this?

Doesn’t this mean I need professional photographers following me around and a giant wardrobe filled with the latest fashions,  money to travel to exotic places?

Good question, but first of all, don’t be who you want to be, be who you are. They don’t want to see wealth you don’t actually have. They don’t want your fakes. Share your daily musings and thoughts in video or blog. Share your failures and your triumphs. As soon as you share personal things like failures and fears, not only does it give you power over them, but it also attracts people hugely. People want to see your realness. The life you actually live. Now don’t get me wrong, I not talking about your pajamas and your poops, I saying don’t glaze over the imperfections, and try to be perfect.

Honestly, perfect people are boring. That’s why celebrities constantly have to be doing something stupid or crazy and get married a whole bunch of times, they have to keep people’s attention. Their followers honestly don’t care that deeply about their new fancy car or hairdo(and if they do, it’s for about 10 minutes tops). But when they share something personal and real, everyone listens and remembers it for long afterwards.



What if people think I’m boring or don’t care?

Trust me, I know that there’s something you’re passionate about!!  Every human has at least one thing they’re good at.

Are you a political hothead?  There’ll be lots of people wanting to listen even if they don’t agree.

Maybe you photograph cats in silly hats. Trust me, you’ll be famous.

Even if you’re really good at burning food, there’s plenty of people who will laugh along!

Take whatever makes you different right now and start sharing it, no matter how dumb or silly you think it is!


You don’t need fancy equipment either, just a phone and computer and WiFi.


Don’t believe me?

Go to YouTube right now and click on trending.  What do you see?  People making millions off videos showing what they do all day or stupid stuff they tried yesterday.  Seriously that’s it!  That’s all they’re doing, talking about their beauty products and blowing things up!


How do I make money?

First, stop worrying about the money, that’ll come. In fact the less you think about it, the faster it will come!  Now just make sure your offers are in plain sight.  Put your links under you videos, or clickable photos on your blog that lead to your offer.  It’s not that hard, figure it out, be creative.


Won’t this take a lot more time than spamming people with my offers?

Yeah, of course it will take more time! Everything takes time. The difference is people will like you, they will love you, they will tell their friends about you.  And when you mention something, they will pounce.  You are building a business with a solid foundation that will last a very long time, compared to just scrounging around begging people to join.

The best part is you will have a good reputation and you will bring a good reputation back to online marketing.  But the clock is ticking and you won’t make anything off what you did yesterday unless you shared it with the world!


Now what about all the offers I already have?

I hope that you have the integrity to only offer people things that are truly worth their time and effort.  I personally can’t promote an offer it it’s crap.  I have to be proud of it and able to honestly answer any question asked about it.  So if you have offers that you’re not that into or unsure of, drop it!  It will save you time and heartache!


I don’t know how to start a blog or set up a YouTube channel.

Google it!  YouTube it!  There are a million articles and videos explaining how to do these things very well.  You’ll figure it out, I trust you, you will….

Yes, there are tools to make it go smoother and faster, don’t worry about that.  Just start talking, writing, whatever you have to do; you can fine tune the details later.  You can also ask me, I may have a few options for you also.

Remember most people way over-complicate things!  K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple stupid!!!  Clean, Fresh and Attractive…

There are a hundred ways to make money online, many dishonest and many honest.  This may be more trouble than you want but I assure you it works and it will be the fastest, most honest way to do so!


I want to hear from you!

If you try this and achieve success, no matter how big or small, I want to hear it.  If this inspired you, I want to hear it.  You can contact me on social media.  I will listen and do my best to help you out if you have questions.


Also be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube, lots of awesome content on there!



Love and Success,


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