Another Opportunity???

(Video by Peter Beckenham.  Used by permission)

Awesome New Opportunity!


Another one…  Another great opportunity…

What a great cliche!! is more like it!  Why am I a part of so many opportunities??

Great question!  I’ll tell you why.  I know that there is no such thing as one size fits all.

I want to help You find the opportunity that fits You best.  Not the one that’s easiest to spread all over and hope I get something from it.  Not that one that I can ‘post it and forget it’.  I’m in the business of sharing, of helping and that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to help you, share with you the right opportunity for you.  This video was made by my good friend, Peter Beckenham from Thailand for me by him, to help me.  He helped me by finding the right fit for me and now I’m passing on the favor.  Not only by mentioning him and what he does, but by also letting you know he’s a great guy and you should listen to what he says! 🙂  (You can check out his website here.)

Teamwork Works

This is how a team works.  Inspiration and advice go ’round and ’round in circles and everyone benefits.  Isn’t that lovely???

Alright, alright I guess the reason I’m being so nice is a little selfish cause I know that if I help you, you’ll help me!  But really, that’s the only way we’ll all live our dreams.  If more people realized that they’re more likely to succeed in what they want by helping solve problems for others, then this world would be a different place!

This isn’t a war in who can be the best and get on top of everyone else.  It’s a life, and life is always depending on some other form of life to live.  If I don’t succeed, you don’t succeed; and if you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed…  It’s that simple.

And in closing…

So cheers, my friends and love to all!  I hope this made some sense and inspired you.  Now go out and help someone!

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Wishing you the every success,



P.S. If you wanted to know what the video was all about, go here now!)

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