My Top Ten Tips for Boosting Facebook Posts

This is a quick guide to helping you get engagement on your Facebook fan page boosted posts.

-Emma Gossett

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In this post, I am giving you a taste of my PDF I wrote and am giving away FREE right now.   I’m also showing you the first tip to give you a teaser!  At the end of the PDF I’m also including an amazing offer for you to help you get a fast start in your online business!!!


You need a page first…

This is the business page for Facebook.  If you don’t already have one, google how to set one up. It’s so easy you can do it without any help if you a DIY’er.  So make sure that’s set up. Also for other help on making a successful page, just send me a message.


Next, why boosted posts over Facebook ads??

Well Facebook is here to make money, like the rest of us. And the more money you show them you’re willing to spend the more likely they’ll spread your page around and make it known.  Don’t worry, we’re only talking a few bucks here and there.  And these are the tips I’ll be sharing from my own experience.  

Every dollar is precious to you so I’m going to show you how to make the most of each one. (At the end of this page you’ll find an awesome Done-for-You system that will help you get started fast.)


Tip #1

Start with an attractive page. No politics, violence or controversial subjects. You want to be attractive to anyone and everyone in your niche. And especially don’t have big stacks of cash photos as your cover picture. Facebook will instantly deem you as a scammer.  They don’t like a lot of phrases such as ‘make money online’ or ‘make money at home’.

That’s why you need to go for words ‘lifestyle’, ‘freedom’, ‘wifi’, etc.  It’s also more professional too. Go take a look at your page right now and ask yourself, “ If I came across this page on Facebook, would I be attracted to it and want to find out more from it”.  Adjust accordingly!

Well there you go!  Like it, want the others, download the PDF here and don’t forget to share with friends and fellow entrepreneurs who could use these tips.  I’d very much appreciate it!

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